• PikaPage Smart Dragon Boat


    1. Get Started

    Click the GO button at Home sheets of the Excel Template (obtain from PikaPage customer support)


    The template contains codes necessary for automation. Be sure to click "Enable Macro", "Enable contents", and similar warning message from Microsoft Excel.

    2. Enter Categories

    How many Categories (also known as Divisions, Events) do you have for this race?

    3. Enter Team Registrations

    Enter participation of each team.

    4. Race Format

    How many races in each Category?

    Heats --> Semi-finals --> Finals? Add Repechage?

    Or just let them race a few rounds and add up time results to determine winners?

    Or any combination.

    5. Progression & Lane Allocation

    Assign teams to lanes:

    Enter team codes directly for Heat races based on draw results.

    Enter rule codes to automatically put winners in lanes of a subsequent race:

    e.g. "#1/Heat-1" = first of Heat-1

    6. Race Time Table

    Arrange races in the order you want. Fill start time of races in one simple drag.

    7. Generate Start List

    One click to generate the complete start list and race program.

    Bingo! Your race is prepared and ready to be published to everyone's phone!

    Click here to see how easy it is to process and publish race-by-race data on race day.